Operating whole from puzzles…

Alea iacta est. Nobody believed that it would work, except us. Our customer faced a big migration, previously marketed to the HQ, and they finally asked themselves: did we plan this correctly? Will this work? Anybody sees the whole thing? What was the concept? Anybody remember that?

They had many system plans and a project plan: gigaproject.mpp. They realized that the internal resources won’t be able to do the project AND support the daily operations at the same time. So based on a previous working relationship, they called us with a big trust.

Our task was simply to virtualize several hundred servers, migrate between platforms, and replace all of the firewalls with a new, very distinct technology. In addition to that we had to make a storage consolidation made by another vendor. Oh, it is almost forgotten: with no extra downtime, and everything had to be done within a year.

We analysed the plans they made, proposed some refinements, collected the required subtasks and wrote them down to see what we were really facing. Together we fixed the milestones and from this point the way was clear: to meet these milestones successfully. We called it jungle war. The daily arising obstacles needed special solutions and workarounds. We did it together so successfully, that the previously sceptic project members asked for our quality assurance for their following big project. But it was another story.

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