Working systems…

Our Client’s business is completely the opposite of the average person’s life who works during the daytime. At 10 pm they start the visual and auditory processing of the incoming data, and they finish at 6 am. The series of shutdowns that happened months ago resulted in a radical loss of their Clients’ trust and some of them have already switched to a competitor. That was the point when they turned to us.

Looking back it is not surprising that the otherwise competent developer team and the internal systems administrator were not able to operate and support such a complex system 24 hours a day. They hated having to wake up several times in the night to do what is needed to keep the system alive. In order to achieve the current 99,5% availability and the high Client satisfaction we did three little things.

We installed a monitoring system for our 7/24 Service Desk that predicts errors on the level of services. The majority of these errors can be immediately corrected. The systems administrator colleague joined our team and we found new challenges for him, so he started to enjoy his earlier tasks too. Together with the developers and the Client we defined common ITIL based processes for the versions and for solving the incidents of the developed applications.

From December 2013 we also received the role to give IT support for the Client’s subsidiaries.

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