For your pleasure dreams…

It was a bright, sunny morning on the weekend. My Boss called, ”we have got it”. He told me about a new country wide client. The planed service was huge and absolutely motivating. The customer had an extraordinary service and special environment. The Business demanded a high level of productivity because in its case time was literally money, it was essential to detect and avoid all possible issues because every minute could cost millions.

So, we picked up that gauntlet!

Our existing round-the-clock Service Desk supported by a monitoring system – covering about 1000 hosts and 6500 services – needed to be renewed end extended. We had to step to a next level: we had to double the Service Desk personnel because we almost tripled the monitored hosts and services with “future –teller” – proactive capabilities.

Our operations centre now looks like a “mini NASA operation headquarter”. It beeps, flashes on several LCD screens and tells us that something is going to happen. But we foresee it and are able to act in time. From that call of My Boss some months has passed and our Service Desk service has a different shape – our staff looking into the “magic ball” – and gives a much more proactive support to our Customer.

Now this client is happy, its business is running, they sleep well and feel safe.

Please turn Your phone! Fordítsa el telefonját!