Medicine for eternal youth…

It began with a great idea. Our client started as a small company with a unique software and a few employees. Their market grew fast, so did they. The infrastructure did not follow their expansion, so they tinkered all to serve the needs of their customers. It was a big mess: daisy-chained network devices, SQL servers everywhere, even on the domain controllers. And then the really big customers had arrived with strict requirements. They wanted functionality AND the evidence that their data and services are safe and always accessible.

Somehow they where involved in the process.

Together with the customer we determined the needs of the LOB application. Based on the forecasted growth, we proposed a system plan containing all of the necessary infrastructure and scaling possibilities. The gap between the present and necessary infrastructure was also calculated and a project was planned to bridge this gap.

The success was unquestionable: just after the project, an auditor arrived from a big customer, and concluded that the infrastructure environment was very reliable.

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