We turn technology

Values before interests means, that our values can never be compromised in the interest of profit. We are aware of our social responsibility, and we take practical steps to fulfil it.

Shoulder to shoulder means we work together with our partners to meet their targets while keeping their unique needs and situation in mind. We develop partnerships and are open to opinions that are different from our own.

To be funky means we believe in and build on our colleagues creativity and diversity. This means we are motivated as well as treat tasks as challenges instead of problems.

To take responsibility means that we keep our promises and commitments and so become reliable colleagues, service providers and partners.

For us professionalism means that our professional knowledge is up to date, we openly represent our opinions and work towards our goals, we are prepared to take pioneering steps and continually develop our know-how and processes.

We turn Your focus to the right direction with our services

We turn to You with our people

Emil Brandl

*nix, Oracle Jedi master

Péter Hidas

IT security, ethical hacking Jedi knight

József Petrényi

Microsoft XCH MVP Jedi master

Márk Antal

Microsoft, Vmware, Storage Jedi master

Endre Kovács

Network, IT security Jedi grand master

Veronika Kiss


Judit Petőcz


Henriett Dornné Pápai


Péter Répás

*nix, Monitoring Jedi knight

Zsellér Tamás

*nix, Monitoring Jedi knight

Gábor Babinszki

Network Jedi knight

Zoltán László Sáfár

Microsoft, Vmware, Storage Jedi knight

Csaba Nagy

*nix, Hardware Jedi knight

Gábor Tamás Orban

Microsoft, Vmware Jedi knight

Tamás Szupkai

Microsoft, Vmware Jedi knight

Gusztáv Paár

Hardware service Jedi knight

János Beszta

Microsoft, Servers Jedi knight

Jenő Baly

Project Management Jedi knight

Kálmán Csengeri

Project Management Jedi knight

Béla Endrődi

Consultancy Jedi grand master

Zoltán Reguly PhD

Consultancy Jedi grand master

András Dorn

Crisis Management Sith Master

Ágoston Pieke

Organization CoPilot

István Simán PhD

Organization Pilot

Márius Szücs

Desktop support Padawan

Kristóf Németh

Desktop support Padawan

Dániel Reich

Desktop support Padawan

Tamás Szuper

Desktop support Padawan

László Novák

Desktop support Padawan

Tamás Domokos

Desktop support Padawan

Péter Piko

Desktop support Padawan

Norbert Kalmár

Service Desk Jedi grand master

Zsolt Szlama

Service Desk Operator Youngling

Tímea Jánosity

Service Desk Operator Youngling

Áron Szabó

Service Desk Operator Youngling

Norbert Gere

Service Desk Operator Youngling

Gergely Almási

Service Desk Operator Youngling

Tibor Kirják

Desktop support Padawan

Alex Jármer

Service Desk Operator Youngling

László Goda

Hardware service Padawan

Péter Arday

Service Desk Operator Youngling

Dániel Lesták

Service Desk Operator Youngling

Gábor Lukács

Desktop support Padawan

Diána Dittrich

Service Desk Operator Youngling

Sándor Tímár

Service Desk Operator Youngling

Contact Us

Damit Informatika tel: +36 1 666 3 777; Bartók Béla út 105-113, Budapest
Damit Informatika Damit Informatika +36 1 666 3 777 +44 20 813-DAMIT
Bartók Béla út 105-113
Budapest Hungary
Please turn Your phone!
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